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March 30, 2006


Whelp, Thursday's momentum really never got going.

I got up late because I was up late last night searching for my book that I was reading. I tote a book around with me constantly usually I know where it is. However, last night I put it somewhere very strange (the window sill in the bathroom) and totally forgot. An hour after Top Chef* and I am still searching. Well! It was a library book and I really wanted to read just one more chapter before I went to bed.

Mom and I ran to the store to get some essentials and to pick up the pictures I had sent in. We're sending my cousin pictures of all of our arms wearing the yellow Livestrong bracelets (since he has cancer) plus the Livestrong Foundation's free surivorship notebook and some bracelets for everyone in Missouri.

When Hokie Hubby got home I did manage to get something done on my Spring Break To-Do List. But after kitten hunting, I was tired. So I sat in my chair and read my book. Ahhhhh, now that is Spring Break.

Now, I am off to do my hair and shower before a friend comes over. I'm trying to talk myself out of ordering pizza for dinner because I've been doing really well at watching what I eat and exercising. I haven't weighed myself because I don't own a scale, but I really need to so that I can see some progress whenever I get the gumption to actually weigh myself. I know what I was in January. Let's see if that number has gone up or down. Bets anyone?

I've done something aerobic every day this week (and man do I ache, but it's getting easier). Whether that is my exercise DVD or chasing the beagle or picking up sticks. Yay me. Hmm, maybe a salad with my pizza.

The most exciting part of my day actually happened yesterday, but since I had already posted yesterday, I am counting it as today. Does that make any sense? Anyway... The kitten came to visit! And I got pictures! Woohoo! They'll be posted as soon as I upload them to the laptop, put them on the flash drive, and transfer them to the desktop.

* I can't STAND that Tiffani woman.


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