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March 01, 2006


I made it through a whole day of actual preschool. Normally, I sub for special services preschool. However, Thursday I got a call to sub on Tuesday from the preschool that isn't part of the district (technically).

First of all, I had no idea where I was going once I actually got to the building. There was NO secretary or director there. I stood around until I heard an aide ask Permanent Sub if she was her sub today from Mrs. Ah, no that was me. I scurried down the hall to her room and figured I would handle the whole signing in deal later. Meanwhile, my aide was pulling Permanent Sub into the room and telling her she didn't care who her sub was, she wanted Permanent Sub.



That little faux pax aside, the morning went very smoothly. According to my aide, usually they don't get subs and the aide just does that class all day. Um. Is that legal? Wow. That's all I can say. Wow. I also got to spend the morning with a parent of one of my mother's kids...technically, two since she also has Permanent Sub's offspring this year too. That made things more comfortable as well.

The afternoon aide was much younger and a bit more standoffish. Of course, that could have been just me, too. I'm afraid I come off very unapproachable to subs and aides. I'm just not the type of person to walk up to someone, introduce myself, and start a conversation. Not gonna happen. If you make the first move, I will be friendly, but I don't have that internal drive.

Would I do this again? Versus...say, a stick in the eye? Um....that depends - how big is the stick?


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