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March 23, 2006


Well, the first kitten didn't make it. Sad. We don't know if it was already sick or if it just got too cold.

However, last night, she brought another kitten over. We spent a good 45 minutes outside at 9 o'clock at night trying to find where the rest of her kittens were so we could return it. No luck. Finally, we got another towel and wrapped the kitten up and put it in the window well under the kitchen window (more out of the wind). There are a bunch of leaves piled in there so I hoped that would help keep the kitten warm too. I wanted badly to bring that kitten in last night.

This morning as I was leaving for school I went out and checked in the window well. First, the fuzzy cat was in the window well. Hooray! And the kitten is still there and still alive. Double hooray!

We're taking it one day at a time, but for today - the kitten looks good.

P.S. She's a calico.


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