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March 06, 2006

In the District

Well, I guess I can say it.

I'm jealous. :) My brother is on vacation. Yes, it's Spring Break for him, but dag nabbit, we haven't been able to go on vacation for years. Ok...I'm over it.

Since he is still a poor college student, he didn't go anywhere exotic. He and his girlfriend went to Washington D.C. She's never been there so he thought they would go for their anniversary/Christmas gift. (He's such a good boyfriend)

My brother is the kind of guy that gathers as much information before he leaves as possible. He has tons of street maps, metro maps, hotel information, information on various sites in D.C., etc. The boy is pre-pared. His girlfriend is the exact opposite.

He tried to convince her that she shouldn't/couldn't take a purse with her (her purse is actually a beach bag) when they go to places like the Capitol and the White House. She went out and spent two days finding the perferct purse for the trip. Mwahahaha. They're definitely bound for some adventures.

Even though I'm jealous, I'm so excited for him. I hope they have fun. I hope the weather is nice.

I hope they go to the
International Spy Museum!


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