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March 15, 2006

I love 2nd graders

While doing journals today one of the kiddos brings me his entry about his dog. There is oodles of time left, so I told him to write another sentence.

Me: What's your dog's name? I need to know his name!
Kiddo: His name is Oswald, but I can't spell it. My other dog, Lewis ran away.
Me: (catching the Drew Carey show reference) I'll help you spell Oswald.

We get the sentence written and we still have a lot of time left, so I asked him to write another sentence.

Me: Well, what kind of dog is Oswald?
Kiddo: Ok, ok, I'll write another sentence.

He goes off and writes his sentence then brings it back (5 sentences now, when only 3 are required).

Figuring I've pushed my luck too far already I ask him to read it to me before he puts his journal away.

"My dog. My dog is funny. My dog is brown. My dog's name is Oswald. He is a lavender."

Uh....`scuse me?




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