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March 05, 2006

Had / Sappy

Happy + Sad = Had
Sad + Happy = Sappy

Either way, that's what we are around here.


Today is the 91st birthday of my grandfather's second wife, the woman who has been my grandmother since 3rd grade. Grandma H has always been spunky and full of life. Even at 91 when her balance is going and Alzheimer's beginning to set in - she's a neat lady. She adopted our family and fit in quite well. I love her because she took good care of my grandfather for many years. She's amazingly strong considering she has buried two husbands before her.


We found out Friday that Grandma's daughter, B, who lived in Florida, had passed away on February 26th. B was just like Grandma. My grandparents spent their winters in Florida with B and her husband. B took them shopping. B took them to dinner and cooked for them.

B didn't believe in going to doctor's so when she was diagnosed with stomach cancer it got bad quickly. Some days, Grandma knew what was going on with B. Other days, she didn't. Now, as the family celebrates Grandma's 91st birthday...they're mourning the loss of B.

I don't care how old the child is a parent shouldn't have to bury their child.


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