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March 13, 2006

Confessions of an Addict

Just about everyone is familiar with the hubbub surrounding James Frey. While I haven't read his book(s), I've heard they're really quite good.

So here you have it.

My confession.
I, Hokie Erin, am a children's book-aholic. I love them. I need them. I buy them whenever I can. I horde them in my patio where I can flip through them at any time. I purchase them under the guise of using them in my future classroom, when in fact, this will not happen.

Have you seen what kids do to books!? They destroy them!
No, no. These will Mrs. books. No touching! Carried lovingly in a ziploc bag to school, read energetically on the carpet, and then returned home in the same ziploc before any of the little angels get them sticky.

Today, I subbed for Reading Teacher on my mother's team. Unfortunately, it was also the first day of the school book fair. Normally, I avoid the book fair like the plague. Don't want to go and spend money I don't have or lust after books I should wait to buy. Why put myself through that agony? The books are fairly reasonable, but they're not book club cheap. Since today was the first day though, each teacher took their class down to browse the selections.

$30 later, my class and I left the bookfair.

But these were books I just had to have!

First, I got Ben M. Baglio's book, Beagle in a Backpack. I mean, HELLO, it's about a beagle! How am I supposed to not get that book? It better have a happy ending.

I also picked up a Judy Moody book, Judy Moody, M.D.: The Doctor is In to add to my collection of Judy Moody books. I love the Judy Moody books for several reasons. One, they take place in Virginia. Woohoo! And two, I think they're hysterical (as far as children's books go).

Kids also really like them.
I purchased Hoot, too. For three reasons. We read it during my first time teaching summer school and never finished it! I need to know how it ends. Second, I have vivid memories of visiting my grandfather in Florida and him showing us a nest of some of the birds that are in this story. I even have a picture of the nest and an owl around here somewhere. Finally, it's going to be made into a movie - so I need to read the book first.

On a whim, I grabbed Confessions of a Slacker Mom. It is not a children's book, but I thought it sounded funny and totally like me. If it's any good, I may pass it along to my mother.

My last purchase is my favorite. THE book I had to have. I didn't care how much it cost (and at $4, I wanted it even more). I am now the proud owner of Winners Don't Quit, by Mia Hamm. It's a book by a female soccer player. About not giving up! And soccer! That's a trifecta. It had to be mine. I've already read it and yes, I love it.

I am sending it with Hokie Hubby to show Head Coach tomorrow with the understanding that if my book comes back wrinkle, bent, torn, sticky, etc that he will be in big, BIG trouble.


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