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March 03, 2006

Chime In!

I had the perfect blog post in my head last night as I lay in bed.

Now? I forget.....
Oh yes!

Last night, I "officially" joined the bell choir at church. Only, it's a chime choir. Same diff.

First, let me explain my band geekiness (as Hokie Hubby calls it).

In high school, I marched for a year. My school did band competitions (think Drumline) and I loved those. However, the marching part...I hat
ed it. It's exercise. It's stressful. You have to memorize music! They make you do push-ups if you make mistakes! It's not for me. Just when I was worrying what I would do about the whole marching thing, I broke my ankle. Thank you God! I could still be in marching band - but not march! Hot dog! The director made me an assistant and the next year, I begged for the job back (instead of marching). I was a member of the pit crew, too. That meant I schlepped all the percussian stuff that sits at the front of the field into the stadium for competitions and back out.

Now...what was I talking about - oh
right, chimes.

This is when I discovered the chimes. They're awesome! You get to hit them with a hammer! When you hit them with a hammer they make this wonderful BONG sound.

Not being very church join-y, I avoided the chime group in the beginning. However, I was asked to join in January and I can't say no (you'd think they would learn that and ask for more). The group played once in January and I was somewhat impressed. Aside from the director counting louder that the chimes chiming (1...2...3...4...1...), it was pretty darn good.

Most of the people in the group can't read music. Luckily, it doesn't matter since there are little pictures of the notes on the hand chime. All you do it circle your note in the music. Since I do know how to read music (well, treble clef) and another woman didn't, she moved to a bass position and I took her spot. Mwahahahahahaha. Did I mention I don't care for this woman?

So far, the one practice has been a lot of fun. These hand chime things are harder to play than the look, but I'm getting the hang of it. It's alllllll comin' back to me now. One of the older ladies told me I need to get my clarinet out and practice so I can play during the church service. You know, right after I join the choir. Uh. No.

Hey, I CAN say no.
These are what hand chimes look like. I put little stars by the two I play.

God...I'm such a band geek.


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