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March 29, 2006


Oh, I hurt. I ache.

I spent the afternoon cleaning out the garage. Boy, it was a mess! While I cleaned out the garage I had help. Contrary to popular belief, Lulu is a wonderful helper when she's not running through piles of dirt, playing with stray pop bottles, or chasing barn kitties. That time is very small.

I don't think I have swept that much in a long time. The garage looks much better though and that is what is important. It's not party ready, but its ready to get party ready. Plus, I got a bunch of the winter junk thrown out, put away, and tossed up into the attic (shhh, don't tell Hokie Hubby I climbed the ladder without anyone here).

As I was cleaning out the garage my cousin came over with his dog. Lulu loves Tag. Tag does not like Lulu at all. He's almost scared of her (her exhuberence causes that reaction in most animals and children). I held Lu off of both Tag and my cousin.

Then he told me the news. Our neighbors have sold their farm. To a developer. It's not offical until June 1st, but as long as the deal goes through, and it will - it's sold. Since we've done so much business with them since we downsized our farm he informed me that they (he and his wife) would be moving to Missouri a year earlier than planned. They're leaving next spring.

I hurt. I ache.


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