Random Notions and Stories of Teaching

February 10, 2006

Write it down

Today is a note worthy day.

I have been home from my half-day teaching for at least 35 minutes and Hokie Hubby hasn't realized. Yes, he's sleeping and probably dead to the world. Yes, he's needed to catch up on his sleep.

But you don't know Hokie Hubby. This man has a sixth sense. If I'm here when I wasn't (or not here when I was) he knows. I can't even get out of bed early in the morning because he knows. It's frickin' creepy...in a sweet way.

P.S. Please teach your preschooler that it is NOT acceptable to burst into huge crocodile tears (accompanied by wailing sobs) whenever someone tells you no. You can just see the kids mind work. She told me no/I don't want to do this = CRY until they give in. You've met your match buddy. I give in to no preschooler in the midst of a temper tantrum.


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