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February 23, 2006

We've all been there...sort of

So my father calls last night and asks if we want to go out to dinner. Honestly, I'm not surprised. My little brother came in unexpectedly from Toledo and will be here the rest of the week for work (well, co-op, but whatever).

We get ready and go to my parents house to wait for everyone to get home so we can go to dinner. As we open the storm door, my mother opens the door to the house and says, "Hang on, Little Brother, Erin's here, I'll ask her."

Little Brother has locked his keys in his car. Been there. Done that. I locked my keys in my car while student teaching. Hokie Hubby had to drive to Roanoke (45 minutes each way) to bring them to me. When I do things, I do them right.

However, Little Brother always has to one up me. He's locked his keys in his truck, 45 minutes away, - WHILE IT'S RUNNING! (snicker, snicker, giggle, giggle, snort, snort)

How much gas is left in your truck, Little Brother?

Hold on...Mom says if you stick a banana in the exhaust pipe it will shut off.

Wait...she said she learned that on Beverly Hills Cop, might want to hold off on that banana.

Thank goodness for AAA. They've certainly saved my butt from time to time. It's nice that they'll do the same for Little Brother.


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