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February 05, 2006

Weekend Recap

Nothing much exciting to report here. Yesterday, I went with Hokie Hubby to work concessions for the indoor track meet and basketball game. We were filling in for Head Coach since he has the stomach flu. It's recruit weekend and the man is running himself ragged. No biggie.

However. Never again. Talk about insanity. The stupid swimmers that worked before us (with no coach there to supervise) left the place a mess and with no food prepped for the incoming boom of people. We're not worried about repurcussions though as one of the assistant swim coaches (a.k.a. Head Men's Soccer Coach) was already cursing them before we could complain about their laziness. Mwahahahaha. Stupid swimmers.

Today we went to another combine. 141 girls to "scout" or recruit. Luckily, only 4 were seniors. The rest Hokie Hubby will add to the recruiting list for next year.

I love the place we went today. We had doughnuts (great for the diet), pizza, hot tea/coffee, and all the Gatorade Hokie Hubby could drink. Only problem is it is INCREDIBLY hard to heat so I was cold. As always.

P.S. I spilled hot water all over myself (mainly my coat and my knee). I didn't get burned and for a while, that leg wasn't cold. The man can't take me anywhere.

P.P.S. Haha, honey, now you can't rat me out.


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