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February 01, 2006


Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans. Whoever said that is right. Let me tell you, I am sick of it.

I read all these blogs of people living life. Is it what they want at the time? Not always. But they're out there. They're seizing life by the horns and `rasslin' it to the ground. I wanna `rassle!

I'm sick of waiting. Waiting for my life to begin. If I have to be an adult, I want an adult life to live.

Waiting to get a permanent job so that I can afford to do the things I want to do.
Waiting to get all my bills paid off so I can sleep easy at night.

How many more birthdays will I spend waiting?

I need to quit whining and start making things happen. Right. I'll get right on that.


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