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February 12, 2006


Preschool is truly and interesting afternoon. I mean, really, I get paid to play with play-doh, read stories, and give kids snack. Hello!? Who wouldn't want that job?

Yesterday was pretty good as far as preschool goes. No one got lost. Only one kid cried every single time he didn't get his way.


I just walk away and let the little guy squall. There's no reasoning with him, unless he gets his way. Sadly, he can't always get his way (like when he wanted to get on the wrong bus).

One little girl has my mom for writing. She's in Reading Teacher's homeroom. Little Sister is just adorable. She and I made her name with play-doh and we read books. Anything I did, she did. She's just a joy. Her mom brought in heart shaped pizza for snack (it was Big Sister's Valentine's party Friday). It was really very sweet.

While we were waiting for dismissal she saw her mom go by. She wanted to panic. I wanted to make sure Little Sister wasn't to go home on the bus instead of with Mom. Long story short, Mom had a bunch of stuff to carry to the car and didn't really want Big Sister with her crossing the busy parking lot. Well, say no more! I quickly found a job for Big Sister and we waited for Mom inside.

Mom finally came to collect Little Sister and Big Sister, but Little Sister had decided she wanted to stay with me. I said what I always say, "Oh, then I'll have to take you home and put you to work."

LS: "Okay!"
Me: "You can clean the house and vacuum the floor."
LS: "All right!"
Mom: "Yeah, she loves doing that."
Me: "Then we can send you out to the barn to feed the sheep."
LS: "SHEEP!? Cool!"

Oh no...

Luckily, this is one kid that would be welcome in my home. She's just that great.


The other humorous part of my day involved a little boy that was absent last time I subbed for his teacher. We didn't go outside because it was really too cold for the little ones. So we had extended centers. Extended centers means the room is a MESS by the time snack time rolls around.

Mrs. Teacher's Aide got the kids started cleaning up by having the Bell Ringer ring the bell for clean up. Everyone started pitching in and cleaning the room up. You guessed it, except M. M stood in the circle time area surrounded by puzzle pieces which he refused to pick up. Little Sister and I picked up 2 of the 3 puzzles, but Mrs. T.A. wanted him to do that last one (hey it was fair, he hadn't helped yet).

M: "No, I don't want to." (Only he has speech problems so it took me several repeatings to figure out what in the world he was saying.)
Mrs. T.A.: "Clean up the puzzle."
M: "No! You're not the boss! I'M the boss."
Me: snicker, snicker
Mrs. T.A.: "You need to clean up the puzzle or you will have to miss snack. Everyone else is helping to clean up."
M: "No! You're not the boss. My mom said I'M THE BOSS!"
Me: snicker, snicker, snort

Well, we just let him stand there and be the boss for a while. Eventually, he cleaned up the puzzle and joined us for snack. Alls well that ends well.


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