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February 15, 2006

Olympic Fever?

I think so!

In case you couldn't tell...this is my very own curling rock/candle. I have way too much time on my hands.

As if Hokie Hubby and I didn't have enough Olympic Fever, now the kitties are getting into the mood.

Socks is a big fan of figure skating.

Speaking of figure skating... Did anyone else find the pairs skating a bit boring? I don't know if I like this new point system if it means we're going to see the same moves over and over and over again. I did like the Russians after I found out the guy had dropped his partner on her head. Poor thing. He seemed truly scarred by it. I also really liked the Chinese silver medalists. You know, the one where they tried the quad and the poor thing landed on her knee, but skated anyway. I think the reason I liked them was the concern her partner showed for her.
(Photo by Reuters)

Tomorrow, I have to explain to Hokie Hubby that there really is an Olympic event called Ice Dancing. It's not just a joke. Silly man.

Now, for men's figure skating. I will be the first to admit that Plushenko, the Russian, is an awesome skater. He's phenomenal. He was truly better than all the skaters I saw last night.
(Photo by Getty Images)

However, his choregraphy for his short program was horrible! If you're going to book it across the ice like Plushenko did, use quick tempo music. Not the slow derge that he used.

I told Hokie Hubby as we were watching that while his footwork and other skills were flawless, he looked like someone had stuck a chipmunk down his pants and he was trying to get it out. That or he was on crack. The music just didn't fit the skating.

I'm really liking this Johnny Weir guy. (Photo by Getty Images)

He seems...unusual. I didn't get to see the other American skate. Drat.


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