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February 25, 2006


Excerpt from an article Hokie Hubby found on Yahoo! written by Charles Robinson. Mwahahahahaha.

...Meanwhile, Marcus Vick might be lucky to come anywhere close to that number of suitors. Just on skills and measurements alone, he doesn't really meet most quarterback standards. He stands only 6-foot and weighs 201 pounds, which is passable for his brother, but it's not expected to fly for Marcus. Even his skills leave plenty to be questioned. While he clearly has a better passing acumen than Michael – showing more accuracy and better mechanics – Marcus has precious little experience to back it up, playing only one full season as a sophomore when he threw for 17 touchdowns and ran for six more.

But as Savage noted about Marcus, "Most of the homework is probably going to be off the field rather than what he appears to be on the field."

Multiple off-field incidents (contributing to the delinquency of a minor, reckless driving and marijuana possession, driving with a suspended license, an arrest for allegedly pulling a gun on two other men outside a restaurant) got Vick suspended and eventually kicked off the Virginia Tech football team. And lest anyone forget, those developments came after the nationally publicized episode when he stomped on the calf of Louisville defensive end Elvis Dumerville in the Gator Bowl.

The incident angered his family so much that Vick was shunned "for weeks."

"My mom, she said something that I didn't really think about," Vick said. "She said, 'What do you think (Dumerville's) mom thinks about that situation? She's probably saying, 'I hate Marcus Vick. He's a bad guy.'–' If someone were to do that to me, my family would be saying the same thing. I really didn't think of that. At that point, I really wasn't thinking at all."

Now Vick is professing that he's seen the light and clearing his life of "bad influences" to show the NFL he's not a "villain." That story sounds familiar to personnel people at the combine, since it was a yarn Ohio State's Maurice Clarett was spinning last year.

"(Vick) won't be on our (draft) board. Not if hell freezes over," said a scout from an AFC team in need of a quarterback. "His (security) file is as big as Adrian McPherson's was last year, and he doesn't have nearly as much talent. The risk versus reward is all out of whack. I'm not going to say Marcus can't play (in the NFL) – I bet you he runs one of the fastest 40 times this year. I'd bet my house – (But) there are way too many things buzzing around in his head for him to be taken anywhere but the bottom (of the draft)."

Still, Vick held up well under the pressure of reporters, insisting he's nothing like Clarett and patiently answering questions that were 90 percent centered on his problems or his superstar sibling. And while he might be the longest shot of all the second-tier quarterbacks, he's fighting a slightly similar battle to change perceptions.

"I'm just trying to show (teams) the type of person that I am," Vick said. "To show the world I'm not the person that some people make me out to be."


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