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February 03, 2006


the barn kitty players!

One of my favorite things about living on a farm is the animals. As you have seen, the lambs are adorable. Now, I submit for your approval, the barn kitties. Mangy and slightly feral, Hokie Hubby and I have come to like each one. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm a sucker for animals.

This is the Friendly Gray Cat. She's sweet and will rub up against our legs when we go out to feed them and allow us to pet her. She is NOT to be confused with the Mean Gray Cat. You may just pull back a nub if you confuse the two. FGC is snaggle-toothed (like Ollie), this helps distinguish the two. We suspect that FGC is also Socks' biological mother. Of course, we have no proof.

Beside FGC is Runty. Runty is about 2 years old. He was born around the time Hokie Hubby and I moved back to Ohio. Runty has always been smaller than the other cats. His brother, who has since disappeared was much larger than he was, but I like his personality. Runty is also the ONLY male cat left on the farm. Needless to say, Runty enjoys his position.

We call this kitty, Whiner. (We're not all that orginial on names) She has a sister, Hisser. Whiner and Hisser live up to their names. That being said, they are two of the most unusual looking cats I've ever seen. Both are calico, but the orange patches and the grey patches are actually tabby coloring. It's really neat. They have stripes AND spots.

Next is Mokey. Mokey was a drop off by one of my friends. He found her in the city and she was obviously a house cat, so he brought her to our place. For a while, Mokey was a housecat. She lived with my cousin and his wife. While Mokey had the run of the house, she was a great pet. However, she is quite the bitch when her territory is threatened. She became an outside cat again when she refused to get along with the new dog(s). I think Mokey is gorgeous. She is another cat that has the most unusual coloring. Her "bottom" fur is white, while the outside fur is black. She almost looks like she's been dipped in motor oil. Mokey is also Socks' adopted mother and the mother of my brother's two cats.

Killer is Mokey's daughter. Killer was quite unfriendly as a kitten. My cousin's son and wife spent many hours trying to catch Ms. Killer. Killer wasn't having it. However, when they went to Missouri to visit family and we fed the cats, Killer and I bonded. They do that when you bring them ham every day. Killer will still come right up to me and let me pet and pick her up (like I am in the picture).
Finally, is the diva. Ms. Fuzzy Kitty. She is by far my favorite of the barn cats. She's just gorgeous. I would think she was a Maine Coon, but she's also tiny (not a characteristic of Maine Coons). Don't let her sweet face fool you, though. She has a mouth on her and she can be quite cranky. However, she will allow us to pick her up and pet her while she purrs. She's also been known to sneak into the house right behind Hokie Hubby. She's on my list currently for scaling the front window screens when she is hungry. She will also bat at your foot should you use it to scoot her out of the way. Cranky, I tell you. Maybe that's why I like her.

This is also Socks' girlfriend. He loves her. He hears her mew and runs for the window. He spends hours staring at her through the window. He'll sprawl on the table in front of the window and roll around, just so she can see how much fun he is. We keep telling him that she would kick his little tush should he ever get close enough to her. He simply doesn't care.


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