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February 07, 2006


Goodbye, stupid Gateway laptop. You are being replaced. (Please don't fail me before the new computer comes though.)

No, not by a brand new computer, but by a used (new to us) computer.

The in-laws have purchased a brand new computer (to go along with their brand new hot tub, deck, and television - grumble, grumble, grumble) and we are getting their old one. Yay!

It's not the new computer Hokie Hubby and I are dreaming of, but for now when money is extremely tight, it is a God send.

Our "new" computer can burn cds.
Our "new" computer has a zip drive.
Our "new" computer runs faster with all the RAM Father-in-Law installed.
Our "new" computer has antivirus software.
Our "new" computer has Windows ME...gonna have to look into getting it upgraded to XP.

So it is with no remorse I say to you, dear laptop. Thank you for getting me through college and through our first few years of marriage. For those reasons, I will think of you fondly. HOWEVER, Gateway computers will no longer be welcome in this house after your departure.

Goodbye computer with only 2 USB ports!
Hello having the printer, mouse, scanner, and digital camera hooked up simultaneously!

Goodbye tiny screen that begins red and then "heats" up!
Hello, big screen!

Goodbye dirt and dust catching navigation pad!
Hello actual mouse that is supposed to be there!

Goodbye 10GB of memory!
Hello 80GB of memory!

I'd like to say I will miss you Gateway Solo, but honestly, I don't think I will.


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