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February 16, 2006

Exercise...the bane of my existance

I have always hated exercise. I'm the girl that hated gym class...unless it was Dodgeball Day and I could get hit right off the bat and go sit down. Those were the days.

When we had to do our beginning of class fitness test (they'd give it again at the end to see if we'd improve) my gym teacher actually fudged my mile time. Honestly, who could blame her. I'd been walking for 15 minutes and well, class was over. So she called it good at 15 minutes. I cheated on the end of class mile...we did that inside, not out on the track, so I just told the football coach that I'd run all 40 something laps. In all actuality, I just walked a lap after the last person finished. I didn't even count.

I did take gymnastics for five years. Up until the year our studio got the new teacher that used to yell at me for using my hand to stand up. "You should be able to just stand up without using your hand to push off" she'd tell me every class in front of all the skinny girls who could do it with ease. I tried and I tried, but it wasn't happening. "Everyone else can do it! You're slowing down the routine! You're not doing it right!"

This wasn't competitive gymnastics so what did it matter? I quit gymnastics after that year. I continued with tap and dance class though. But she ruined the fun of gymnastics for me. I still miss tap classes. Those were fun!

I used to like jumping rope (in middle school), however now, the boobs tend to knock me out. I think yoga would be fun (hey everyone's doing it) or pilates. However, I don't have the money for a gym membership plus the fact that I won't go alone. I need a buddy. Someone to talk to while I huff and puff. Since we don't have money for a treadmill or an elliptical, I'm stuck. Then there is the whole issue of coordination. Everything looks so easy...until I actually attempt to do it. At that point, it becomes a lot more difficult.

I don't want to walk in the cold. I mean, it's cold out there! And there's snow! (Do you hear the excuses I've already got set in my mind?)

My Richard Simmons tape (the only tape I like/have) is wearing out. It literally won't play anymore. Hey, don't rag on Richard. He's good for the "big boned" ladies, like myself.

So my sweet hubby went walking with Lucy and I today. If the weather is reasonably nice (not too cold and not too hot), I will walk the wonder beagle. Not long, usually about a half hour, but its more than usual.

Hokie Hubby also had me do some stretch something or others. I don't know, it was stretching. He took it from the girls' strength and conditioning stuff. Most of it wasn't too bad. My personal favorite was this lay on the floor and rock like a beached porpoise. Had I been an outside observer, it would have been quite funny. Hell, I was doing it and laughing my ass off. Of course, it made me realize just how out of shape I am (although, round is a shape, right?).

Here's to turning over a new exercising leaf.


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