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February 02, 2006


First, I've decided that unlike Carrie, hormones make me nice. When I was taking four pills a day, I was nice. I was down right sappy! Heck, I'd catch myself looking at Hokie Hubby and getting all mushy inside (trust me, it alarmed me too). Now, I am completely sans pills and everything appears to be normal, except I'm such a crank! Bitch, bitch, bitch. Geesh. I'm seriously considering starting them again so I can be nice.

Monday evening, Hokie Hubby came home somewhat dejected from work. He weighed himself in one of the weight rooms at work and discovered since the soccer season ended he has gained...some weight. (I'm not putting numbers, Honey. I love you just the way you are.)

So finally, it appears that I have my diet buddy. He's really the best diet buddy to have. He's the only one who can tell me to close the fridge and go to bed after 8 at night. He supports me in whatever I do. And I will support him.

Tuesday we began watching what we eat. I really like Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet. It's sensible. It's an actual "diet" that seems like it could become a lifestyle. I need to change my eating habits, plain and simple. Plus, after my mother and I attended the bariatric surgery seminar and the doctors there said they put patients on the South Beach diet, I figure, it's worth a shot.

I also liked it when we did it during the summer. We just got lazy. Another thing going for South Beach are their prepackaged foods. Meal Replacement bars? Yummy! Frozen dinners? Not half bad! Wraps? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.

My only problem is the current "bad" foods loitering around my kitchen. Before, I packed it all up and told my mother to take it home with her or it was going. She looked at me like I was crazy. So, ultimately, I kept it all. I cannot do that. I cannot have "bad" foods around. I will eat them. I would rather have to make the effort to go and purchase the food if I really have to have it, then I will know what I am doing.

That's another problem. I cook for my parents as well as us. For monetary reasons, this works out well. However, my father is a big meat and potatoes man. He loves his potatoes (so do I). I just can't fix potatoes and not eat them.

My other problem is the expense of eating right. Why is food that is unhealthy so much cheaper than healthy food? That just doesn't seem right to me. If Doritos were $5 a bag, I might think twice about my obsession with the Dorito.

I won't post how much I have to lose. Honestly, I can't think about that. Small goals right now. Small goals. Little victories.

Finally on a totally different train of thought, we purchased In Her Shoes today. I loved the book. I loved the movie. You should have seen the non-verbal, hand gestures only discussion Hokie Hubby and I had in the middle of the movie when, during an "intimate moment", Rose keeps turning off the lights and her boyfriend/fiancee keeps turning them back on. It's SO ME!
P.S. I think the diet is making me cranky. Look out Hokie Hubby!


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