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January 22, 2006

Why I am going to be banned from church...

So, I thought I would share the story of how my mother and I are going to be banned from church. Mwahahahahaha.

First, it is important to note that my mother and I are so much alike it is scary. We've been known to say the exact same thing, at the exact same time and it's happened more than once. Jokingly, I tell The Hubby that we share a brain.

We volunteer/were bamboozled into preparing the communion for each Sunday's worship service for the month of January. I won't even mention how we HAD February (which is a short month - woohoo), but Mother switched with someone who went to Florida. Darn old biddies. Furthermore, I won't mention that we had to be in church on New Year's Day. Argh! Anyway.

Each Sunday, we arrive an hour early and fill the communion trays. I love to fill the cups with grape juice with the grape juice squirtermajiggie. We also fill a glass of water (and add ice) for the minister to drink from if he gets thirsty during the service.

Today, we stuck a slice of lemon artfully on his glass. As we were returning to our pew after our morning greeting stint (we "volunteered" for that too this month), we hear what can almost be called a roar of laughter come from the choir area. The choir sits behind the minister. It seems Mother and I had been found out. The minister got quite a kick out of the slice of lemon and shared it with the rest of the congregation.


Next week: We add an umbrella.

We're already planning next year's water glass decorations.


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