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January 08, 2006

What are ewe looking at?

I LOVE this time of year. Sure, it's frickin' freezin' most of the time up here, but I'm used to that. I love this time of year because it's lambing season. Not actually running the farm means that I get to pick and choose what "chores" I volunteer myself for.

For example, during the periods when "we" bale, I pick to cook dinner/lunch and run water to the fields in the summer. The men, in turn, spend all day in the blazing heat driving the tractors or stacking bales. Could I stack bales? Sure! I'd build some really great muscles and develop my balance. Do I want to? Naaaaaaaaah uh. Those things are heavy and it's hot out there!

So during lambing season, I choose not to go out every 6 hours (I believe this year they go out at 2...or was it 3A.M.) and check for new babies. I will however, go visit the new babies when they have arrived.

I put all the pictures I took into Flickr, but here are my favorites.

Hey! That concrete floor gets cold, even when its covered with straw. I'd be sleeping on my mom's warm back too!

It was incredibly hard to get pictures because the sheep don't stand still much. I'd get a great shot...and junior would run off leaving me with a butt shot. However, these two stopped and stood long enough for me to get their picture.

Ever feel like you're interrupting something? Here is one of the sets of twins that have been born. Their faces are adorable too. Take my word for it.

Finally, this is my favorite of allllll the lambs. My cousin's wife has named him Smiley because he has two black spots on either side of his mouth that make him look like he is smiling.

He's the only one (so far) that is white with black spots...or is that black with white spots? Anyway, he's the only one. On his right is our only (mostly) black lamb. He's pretty cute too.

* I say he because I just assume they're all boys. In fact, they could all be shes for all I know.


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