Random Notions and Stories of Teaching

January 31, 2006


  • I don't mind subbing for Music Teacher, but I DO mind her not having any plans. How hard is it to email or phone in plans? Her plans consist of "have 3rd/4th grades do this coloring page, have 1st/2nd grades watch this movie". I mean, really, how hard?
  • I went to the office during announcements so I could make a transparency for the activity I had made up for the 4th graders today. Load the blank transparency. Check. Place paper to make into transparency on the glass. Check. Copier says, "Ready for bypass." Check. Press Print. Check. Apparently, someone switched the copier with a shrinky-dink machine because THIS (same thing in both pictures) is what I got out of the copier and believe me, the secretary and I hard to look really hard to find it.
  • After my transparency escapade I decided I needed a drink. It's Day 1 of our new diet and it's already getting rough. I saunter to the teacher's lounge, pop my money in the machine, and hit the Diet Sprite button. SOLD OUT. Drat! I guess I'll have to make due with Diet Coke (yuck). I hit the button and listen to the machine dispense my frosty beverage. It hits the chute where I hear...tssssssssssssssssss. You know the sound. The sound a can of pop (not soda) makes when it has been punctured. I pick up the can and there is a hole in the side of the can. Diet Coke is shooting out of the side of the can. ACK! I sprint for the trash can to throw it away. There is Diet Coke on the couch (leather thankfully), the table, the microwave, and the floor before I am done. Grrr!
  • Does anyone remember the show Ghostwriter that used to be on PBS? I showed a "movie" of it to the 3rd and4th graders. They really liked it. They were mighty upset when we didn't have time to finish the movie. Why do they take good shows off the air?
  • Ollie has a new habit. He loves sleeping on our pillows. Not cool, Ollie. Not cool. Of course, his manners have always been superb.
  • I am adding more pictures to Flickr! right after this. Yes, more sheep. Hey, they're not as cute once they grow up.
  • Kid quote: "Is this Britney Spears? It sure sounds like her. She's a fantastic singer. I love her." Boy, 6 years old. Oy.
  • I'll miss you.


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