Random Notions and Stories of Teaching

January 03, 2006


As an engineer, The Hubby knows things don't look good. The CO2 levels are way too high. There had to have been some fire in that mine. How much is really the question. It's times like these that I am so grateful he changed careers and went into coaching. This could have been his mine....him. But we don't think like that....often.

As a West Virginian, he hopes. We hope. He prays. We pray. We try to continue to believe in miracles. Miracles do happen. Right now, it feels like this is their only shot - a miracle.

One "bright" spot - The Hubby's dad is in two pictures on Yahoo! Since we haven't actually spoken to him since the accident, it's good to see physical evidence that he is just fine. We're also proud. So proud that he is helping. He's a smart guy that Father-in-Law, I feel better knowing he's there.

The Hubby went through the 23 photos with me and pointed out the people he knew. I guess its good (?) to connect names and faces.

Continuing to hope for a miracle...


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