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January 02, 2006


Coming to you LIVE from our new office! (waiting for the ooohs and ahhhs to diminish)

With the arrival of the new furniture, I finally got my way! (like its a rare thing around here) Ever since The Hubby and I moved in together our computer/desk has been in the living room. When we lived in a tiny two bedroom apartment in OakBridge across from campus it was right beside our dining room table. When I lived in Salem it was right behind my couch. Now, in our home the damn thing was STILL in the living room. To me, having the computer in the living room is a nuisance. It makes me feel like I am still in college. I wanted to grow up and get it out of the living room (since we actually have the space now).

So when we were deciding where to put the new furniture, I made my pitch. Please, please, please get the computer out of the living room.

First, we considered putting it in the foyer. However, that would make the entire foyer obsolete. It would take away our only door on the north side of the house and the spot where we feed the barn kitties. Plus, it would still be in the living room as the foyer is only seperated by a set of built-in shelves. On the other hand, it would require the least amount of rearranging.

Then The Hubby suggested converting one of the spare bedrooms (we have 2) into an office. I immediately vetoed the idea. Too much rearranging. Drilling a hole for the modem cable.

Upon further thought and discussion, though, I realized what a good idea this was. Yes, we would have to drill a hole in the floor to get the modem line through, but after that, it would be pretty good. Once we decided that the bed could be moved to my parents' house, where they really needed a full size bed, the decision was easy. We could also move the old couch into the office and eventually turn it into a rec room with a television and the Playstation.

Yesterday, The Hubby drilled the hole (learned a lot) and got the computer up and running.

So we are officially adults! Yay! It's not straightened up yet, but here it is in it's beginning stages.

Now. Back to watching the Hokie game, listening to Rent, and/or straightening the office. Woohoo!


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