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January 28, 2006

Lemme hear a woohoo!

Ever had one of those days? The days where the kids are INSANE? Usually I attribute it to a full moon, but I don't think that was the case Friday.

My day began with Drives Us All Crazy pulling some girl's pig tail out? Honestly, I never got the whole story. The pig tail puller-outee was sobbing so loudly I couldn't understand a dang thing she said. Drives-Us-All-Crazy was screeching so loud I told her to go sit down. By the time I had the victim, her hair was fixed and she was all smiles again. I told Drives-Us-All-Crazy to go sit down and that since this was class time I didn't want to hear what had happened, I wanted to have class. She got up no less that four times to ask me if I wanted to know what had happened.

(sniffling) "Mrs. do you want to know what happened?"
"No, Drives-Us-All-Crazy, right now it is class time and I want to have class."
(stomps away and begins loudly sobbing her crocodile tears)

Heck, let her ponder her punishment for a while. In the end, I didn't punish her. How could I? I didn't know what had happened. I wasn't there. And neither child involved is my student.

Then Reading Teacher had her second part of her two part evaluation (one for 3rd, one for 4th). She had "my" class. Ohhhh they were in rare form. One child sat sideways in her chair, with her head on the ground while reading. The rest of them called out answers. But the kicker?

Wants-A-Contract asked to go to the bathroom. Reading Teacher let him go. Wants-A-Contract is gone for quite a while. Finally, another students asks to use the bathroom (and he is dancing). So Reading Teacher tells him to go and to bring Wants-A-Contract back when he comes. The student returns without Wants-A-Contract. He says that Wants-A-Contract told him that he doesn't feel like coming back to the room, he's going to spend the rest of the period in the bathroom.

Say what!? I guess she finally sent another kid (who will probably play football in high school) to get him and Wants-A-Contract came back. Geesh!

Then one of my mom's kids owed lunch recess. So he wanders. She tells him to put his head down and start his time so he can get it over with. First, he must unwrap his snack. Throw away the wrapper. Unroll his fruit rollup. Finally, he sits down. Mom and I listen to Reading Teacher tell us about her evaluation and we look over to find this student rummaging in his desk. Mom gets up, pulls his chair out from his desk and faces him toward the window away from anything distracting. She tells him that when he is missing recess he is to have his head down thinking about why he is there, not doing other things. Silly me, I add - "Now if you need something to do, you can count the bricks."

We resume talking with Reading Teacher (as this is our lunch period too) and after several minutes I notice this student is standing up and craning his neck. What in the world is he doing?

Why, he's counting bricks of course! He counted 786. Gotta love 3rd graders.

Finally, I received a letter from the hospital today. In the "letter" was a reimbursement check for all the money I had paid toward my medical care over the summer. Woo - FRIGGIN - HOO! It wasn't much, but I sure do appreciate it. Guess I won't be sending my strongly worded letter regarding my horrible ER doc now. Ohhhhh well.


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