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January 07, 2006


A lesson, dear friends, in karma.

Just about everyone knows who Michael Vick is. If you went to Tech, you DEFINITELY know who he is. I found out last night he has a building named after him. Oy.

But back to our lesson...

Apparently, there have been some things going on this past football season that most weren't aware. Ok. I wasn't aware of them. Sure, I knew about a couple, but I didn't put it all together.

It seems that some believe having the last name Vick entitles you to be a classless jerk on and off the football field. We won't even go into Marcus' off-field exploits. That was a year ago, he served his time and his suspension. Supposedly, he learned a lot while living with Big Mike in his shack in Atlanta. He was ready for a great season.


What'd he do?

#1 - The rude gesture at the WVU game. Haha, funny - but rude and unsportsmanlike. Let's face it, those WVU fans are barely undercontrol under normal circumstances, why egg them on?

#2 - Taunts made at the Florida State game. Grow up, Marcus. We were losing. Duh.

#3 - After running out of bounds in the Florida State game (I believe...that or the Gator Bowl) he intentionally ran into a coach on the other team. WHAT!? Marcus, again I say, grow up!

#4 - The straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak. After a play, he stomped on an opposing players calf/knee. Marcus, what the hell were you thinking!?

The university has chosen to let Vick go. He can still attend classes if he would like (yeah....right). Honestly, I say good riddance.

Marcus' response to this whole thing? "I'll just take it to the next level, baby." Uh? What!? All I can do is hope no one in the NFL picks him up. Ha. Yeah right.

To add embarrassment to my anger apparently Virginia Tech is getting a bad reputation. The officials from the Gator Bowl (who were AWFUL, btw) claim Tech's players "swaggered" and taunted the opposing team. Ok...trash talk is part of the game. But boys, you had NO REASON to be cocky.

Makes me wonder if there wasn't more to Jimmy Williams ejection than we saw.

All in all, Coach Beamer, you better crack down on these boys and crack down hard. This is not the kind of program I want to be associated with my school. Tech has always been about class and Beamer Ball. Maybe they need a refresher course in the off season?

P.S. Nice statement President Steger.


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