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January 28, 2006

Fundraising...with a 3 year old

Friday evening (and Saturday afternoon) I went with Hokie Hubby to "supervise" some of his players while they worked the concession stand for the swim meet. He and I pop the popcorn since he's the only one that knows how to run the machine and start the coffee brewing. Then we pretty much let the girls run it. It's their fundraiser, they should do the majority of the work. All in all, it's pretty uneventful, but I go because I get to meet the girls, spend time with Hokie Hubby, and feel included.

Friday evening, Head Coach brought his son with him. Head Coach is one of the assistant coaches (conditioning coach, really) for the swim team so we figured he would be around. Friday was Boys Night Out. Head Coach brought a ball and they played in the gym and spent time at the concession stand with us.

Boy was our best customer of the night. First, he wanted some M&Ms. He picked the very best bag and he and dad went to play in the gym. Pretty soon, they come back and Boy looks a little teary eyed. He ran into the wall. So, they need a bottle of water. Boy goes to pick one out while Head Coach gets his wallet back out. Boy returns with two bottles of water. One for him and one for Dad of course. Hehe.

Pretty soon they leave to go play in the gym again. Apparently Boy cheats to win. A child after my own heart. Before we know it, it is almost time to get ready to clean up. Head Coach decides to offer hot dogs up for the bargain basement price of 2 for $1. He needs to run up and tell the announcer. He asks Boy to wait for him in the concession stand. This is gonna be a no-go. Boy is shy, in fact, tonight is the most Hokie Hubby has heard him say...ever. Before Boy can get out of it, I whipped my watch off and said, "Here, Boy, we'll time Dad. You can hold my watch." This seemed to capture his attention. So Head Coach ran off to tell the announcer.

Meanwhile, Hokie Hubby and I decide we need to wrap some hot dogs for the "rush" of people coming to get them. We decide to finish up the bag of buns - just 6 hot dogs. Of course, trying to distract Boy, I get him involved in making the hot dogs. Hokie Hubby makes the hot dog. I wrap it and Boy takes it to one of the players to put on the warming table. As I wrap each hot dog, Boy says, "I think I'd like a hot dog."

"Ok," I say, "but you'll have to ask your dad first." Off he wanders with the hot dog to put on the table. I wrap another hot dog and hand it to Boy.

"I think I'd like a hot dog."

"Ok, but you'll have to ask your dad first." For every. single. hot dog. Finally he informs me that, "if my dad says no, that means I can't have one." (Makes me think they've had this discussion before) Luckily, Dad said yes and Boy left happily with his water, cup, and hot dog in hand. What a trip.

I need a kid. They're AWESOME.


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