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January 27, 2006

Friday questions

Friday Questions thanks to Megan.

1. What is your reaction to waking up and seeing snow?

Snow day!? YIPEE!!!! It's time to make potato soup.

2. What is your favorite dessert to order out? to make at home?

Hmmm...I don't order dessert at restaurants much. However, I did get the banana fried caramel cheesecake when Hokie Hubby and I went to see The Sound of Music for my birthday. I looooove cheesecake. To make...ummm, cherry chip cake.

3. Do you file your taxes early or late?

I file them as soon as I get all my W-2s. We're waiting on mine to get here. They should be here anyday. We're almost always done by mid - February.

4. Do you usually get a big refund? If so, what do you do with it?

The last two years we have gotten all of the taxes we have paid throughout the year returned. That is what happens when you make practically nothing. What do we do with it? I usually try to knock out as many car payments and loan payments as I can. I'm exciting, aren't I?

Once we get real jobs, I intend to set it up to take extra money out each month so that I will have a refund and not owe anything. What I will do with it then I don't know.

5. How do you handle your bills? Are you really oraganized, really laid back, or somewhat inbetween? Describe.

I pay the bill as soon as I get it (and as soon as I can afford to). Large bills keep me awake at night. I like them paid and gone. That way, I can worry about what bill is coming next. I keep all the bill supplies (address labels, stamps, etc) in a pencil box on my desk. We have a bill organizer that, come to think of it, we don't use. I put the bills to be paid right next to the pencil box on the desk. That way everything is together.

6. How important is money in terms of your happiness?

When you don't have enough money, money makes everything better. Or something like that. Right now, money is important. We worry about not having enough and/or having to ask parents for help constantly. For me to be happy, I want to be able to pay my bills every month, have a little money to save, and some money to have a good time. Do I have an exact amount in mind? Yep.

7. What did your parents teach you about money?

My mother is AWESOME when it comes to money. My financial aid advisor at Tech wanted to hire her to work there. She is smart. She gets all the information she can. My advisor said she is the only parent he has ever met that has paid off their parent plus loan before their child finished school. Mind you, it wasn't even accruing interest yet. She has paid off every car we have ever owned at least 2 years early. One within a year. I strive to be like her.

8. What do you wish your parents had taught you about money?

My mom has been wonderful. I don't think I can think of anything I wish she had told me. Her best piece of advice? Regarding credit cards, if you can't afford to pay for something in cash DON'T get it. That's how you get into credit card debt.

9. What are your plans for the weekend?

Oh, its going to be a very exciting weekend here at the Hokie house. Friday night we are going to the college to "supervise" some of Hokie Hubby's student athletes while they work the concession stand for the swim meet. Then, Saturday we are going to the college to "supervise" some more of Hokie Hubby's student athletes while they work the concession stand for the swim meet. Mom and I are preparing the communion again on Sunday (mwahahahaha). And that's about it.


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