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January 18, 2006

Extended Positions and American Idol

Gotta love extended subbing jobs. I won't call this long term since it is only 2 weeks, but it is longer than just a day or two. Anyway.

Math Teacher is rather strict when it comes to homework. No homework. No lunch recess. Simple. Me? I'm not so tough. I mark who has the stuff turned in and who hasn't. I figure, if parents what to know why sweet little Johnny is failing and sweet little Johnny doesn't do his homework. Bam. There you go. Did I mention that 90% of the kids have enough time to FINISH their homework IN class? There really is no excuse for them not to turn it in and absolutely no reason for me to chase them down. Not gonna do it. 3rd grade homework is easy. 10 problems max and it is exactly the same stuff we've done in class together. All they have to do is change the numbers to reflect the right answer. Processes are exactly the same. Not to mention the majority of the page is review (usually 2-4 problems of the "new" material). It's Saxon, if you're wondering.

Also, Math Teacher makes students who fail a test, get the test signed at home. That way parents see it and know there is a problem going on, etc. I haven't given a test yet, no biggie. She gave one a few days before she left. Today I get a signed test back from Wild Child.

Wild Child is generally sweet, unless you need to teach her something. Wild Child is so clearly ADHD that just about anyone could spot the
condition. She's not one of those borderline kids. She just can't focus. She can't. If you give her a direct explicit instruction, she still gets side tracked. She'll do EXACTLY what you just got done telling her not to do and when you "yell at"...er...redirect her she gives you Lucy's completely clueless look (Pigs knows what I mean). Did I mention Wild Child's biological father is a former student of my mother's? He believes all you have to tell Wild Child is "sit down and get busy" and she'll get to work. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Mom says he was a pill when she had him.

But I digress... So Wild Child hands me her paper (a 47%) and underneath what I assume is her father's scribble...signature is this note:

"what are you doing in your classroom to correct this problem?"

Uhhhhhhhh! I was instantly angry. Why? I have no reason to be angry. It's really not my problem. I tagged the paper and left it for Math Teacher should she get any nasty phone calls. I also showed Wild Child's homeroom teacher the paper since that is who the parents meet with for conferences.

Teachers...heck, regular people, what would you have LIKED to say in response? I didn't say anything, but it was one of those times I was glad I didn't have to deal with the situation. I may be a little too hot tempered still.

And, regarding American Idol.

I finally realized why I hate the show. Simon. As an adult, I find his rude comments just that - rude. I don't think he's funny. I don't think he's cute. He's a world class ass. After watching a few minutes in between commercials last night, I finally switched off American Idol forever after his comments about an overweight girl that could really sing well. He didn't even say them to her face. He's just like the little punks I teach. And they're 10 years old.

Why does Simon make me so mad? Because I have little kids coming up to me all day saying, "Did you watch American Idol last night? Isn't Simon funny?" It makes me sick.

In case you wondered, I told most of the kids the truth. I watched for a few minutes, but when I heard Simon being so nasty to people, I turned it off. I don't think its funny or cool to make fun of people. Most of them gave me this shocked look and then said, "You know Mrs. you're right, it's not funny." Will they still watch it? Yep. Will they hopefully see Simon for the arrogant ass he is? Someday, I hope.


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