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January 29, 2006

Any ideas?

I know I haven't said anything...but I need everyone's help. You all have such great ideas. Let me know if you think of anything.

Earlier this month, my cousin was rushed into emergency surgery due to testicular cancer. After the surgery, we found out that the cancer had spread. Right now, his cancer is stage 2 but it is an agressive cancer and they have found another tumor that is rapidly growing.

His doctors want him to start chemotherapy immediately. So tomorrow he is leaving to go to Columbia, Missouri to begin treatment. My aunt and uncle are returning from Arizona to be with him. His mom's side of the family lives in Missouri as well as his sister. However, my family and his older brother are still in Ohio.

Right now, I think everyone is scared especially him. We're trying to send him cards and letters to help keep his mind on other things. What I need are ideas.

What can we send him? What can we do? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Someone pointed me toward Lance Armstrong's foundation and I have a few ideas from there, but would appreciate any ideas others may have.

Thanks so much.


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