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December 09, 2005

What is your opinion?

First, my day. I wanted a snow day, even though I don't get paid and you know what, I think I would have been happier without that money in my pocket. Let me just say, I earned my money today. Today I had:
  • Breakfast duty
  • 4 classes, back to back
  • Lunch duty
  • 3 classes, back to back
  • Bus duty
My longest break was 15 minutes and that was my lunch period...and my lunch duty ran late. Grrrr. That kind of schedule should not be allowed. The morning wasn't bad. The activities the gym teacher left me were better for older kids. Mainly the transitioning from station to station. The first graders in the afternoon did not get it. They also did not shut. up. The longer I am away from my student teaching, the more I abhor kindergarten and first grade.

Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!

I think I'm better now.

Now, I need opinions.

Since I have not heard back about my CT scan, I made the hubby call them today. Apparently, I do NOT have a kidney stone. In fact, there is not calcium build up in my kidney or my bladder. (Yay!) However, the nurses say I should still go to my urologist appointment on the 28th, "just to be safe".

I am pissed. Yes, I will just go pick some money off my money tree and go to an appointment I probably don't need (a la endocrinologist). I am what you call a "self-pay" patient, which means I have to foot the bill for everything unless we qualify for low income help.

I feel like I am getting jerked around. I cannot STAND my doctor's replacement (she's the one who has upped my glucophage, which seems to be making my glucose levels worse...ordered all this kidney crap, etc.). But the fact remains that I am "spilling" protein somewhere. So here are my options (as I see them):

(a) Bite the bullet, pay the money, and go to the urologist. Deal with it as it comes from there.

(b) Call my doctor and the urologist on Monday and see if either has a recommendation (or if their recommendations are the same). Honestly, I doubt they will be able to give me any advice whatsoever. I just love HIPPA.

(c) Cancel my appointment with the urologist on the 28th, wait until my doc gets back from maternity leave (in January), discuss this entire thing with her, and go from there.

(d) Some unknown better option I haven't thought of yet.

What do you think?


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