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December 29, 2005


A quick video of one of Warther's huge train carvings. This train was carved out of ebony. The details (white parts) are in ivory. The letters at the bottom are hand carved ivory.

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We also got to see Mrs. Warther's button collection. Here are a few of my favorites (unsteady hand...sorry for the blurriness):

Warther did pliers of all sizes. Just a few of the ones we saw. My favorites are the ones carved from matchsticks. There was even a set of 6 carved out of a match. Teeny.

Can you believe these were carved BY HAND from a single piece of wood? No sawdust. No wood removed. Awesome.

This is Warther's World Famous Plier tree. 511 sets of pliers. It is unreal. He carved the stand it is in, too.


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