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December 10, 2005


My mother called this morning and said she and my father wanted to take us chair hunting. They have said they want to get me a new chair for our living room for Christmas. While this isn't as exciting as some Christmas gifts, it will be my first piece of "new" furniture as an adult. So, it is exciting for me.

Off we went to the mall. There is a La-Z-Boy store at the mall. I do believe I sat in every single chair in that store. It came down to two chairs I really liked. Both were what they call "chair and a half" models. They're huge. Roomy enough for The Hubby and I both to almost fit in this chair. H-U-G-E. However, one chair made a strange clanking noise whenever anyone sat in it. (The salesman couldn't even explain it) The other was microfiber, almost suede and with three cats, that is really not an option. I'm still having nightmares imagining the work involved in that chair. Plus, both were wayyyyy to expensive (in my opinion). I just can't picture myself being comfortable in a $800 chair. I'm not careful enough. I have cats. No.

We left the store hungry, dejected, and still no chair. After lunch at Eat and Park (don't even get me started on the rude people we encountered there...someone needs to teach them the concept of INDOOR voice) and a stop at a candy store to get melting chocolate and peppermint crunch to make candy, we were off again.

This time we headed to another store. My parents found their bedframe here and even though I wasn't psyched about the drive across the city, I figured, why not.

The moment I stepped in that store, I knew things were going to be different. Every way I turned, GORGEOUS furniture. Dino, our salesman told us to let him know if we found anything we liked, the store was set up in a big U so just pick a way and go. We wandered left because to the right was children's furniture. First, we saw a huge canopy king size bed that was just beautiful, but no chairs.

Then I spotted this cute blue chair with tan/taupe trim and an adorable ottoman. It was a chair and a half like I liked at La-Z-Boy and have I mentioned I LOVE blue? I jubilantly kicked the ottoman out of the way so I could sit down.




This is the chair. I want this chair. I NEED this chair. I never want to leave this chair.

While the salesman checked to see if it was in stock, I plunked my father down in it to "guard" it (hey, it's Christmas and people are RUTHLESS) and my mother and I went through the rest of the store trying chairs. In every chair it was the same thing, "I like the blue one better". It was decided, the blue chair would be mine. Mine. MINE! :)

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, my mother offered this idea. "What about getting the matching couch too? You do have an anniversary coming up." She made a good point, if we don't get matching stuff now, we'll never find furniture that matches it perfectly. (Like she had to convince me)

Finally, my parents went to purchase the chair, ottoman, and couch. The Hubby and I sat in the display models and discussed how we were going to rearrange our living room to accomodate these new pieces. As we were leaving the store, my father hands the sales receipt to me and tells me to check it over. Oooookay. I stuck it in my purse and thought nothing more about it. Until he told me to check it carefully to make sure all the information was right.

Hmmm....I smell a rat. A sneaky, but sweet rat.

I dug through my purse and pulled out the two pink receipts that were stapled together. The first said just chair. So I figured there were seperate receipts for each item.

NOPE! The second said, chair, ottoman, and couch!

HOT DAMN! We have, not one, but TWO -
MATCHING chairs and a couch! Yipee!!

Holy heck, where are we going to put everything!?


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