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December 04, 2005

Random Notions

Busy, busy weekend...

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Yesterday, The Hubby and I went recruiting. It was the best recruiting trip I have been on yet (well, Columbus doesn't count)! This event was held at an indoor sports dome. It was well organized and warm - for soccer in December.

There was a specific level, just for college coaches. On this level there were tables, chairs, "resumes" for each player, play schedules, pizza, and all the Gatorade one could ever hope to drink. I was impressed! Talk about treating the college coaches right. Did I mention we didn't have to pay to get in? Trust me, they got their money from the players who paid $75 to participate.

It was somewhat disappointing as there were only 36 girls participating (the men had 130). It was also disheartening that the best player at the seniors only combine was a junior. I don't ask.

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Today is the soccer banquet for The Hubby's team. I'm looking forward to it and dreading it. It's just how I am.

On the one hand, I enjoy spending time with The Hubby and I get to meet Head Coach's wife and three year old son. I'm also hoping I get to at least meet The Hubby's goalkeepers. I feel like I know these girls already but we've never actually been introduced.

On the other hand, I am not looking forward to being the biggest person in the room (college girls are amazingly skinny athletic). I am also nervous about meeting people. I hate that stuff. I'm a walking contradiction.

I'm always very nervous before these types of things. Then I force myself to go and generally end up having a good time. I'm always glad I went. I just try to psych myself out of going. Sheesh.

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After-school tutoring starts on Monday. I am very excited about it. First, because it supplements my income (meager as it has been this semester) and it's only an hour after school. Plus it gets me out of the house once a day and working. That in turn makes it easier for me to accept jobs. "I'm going to be out anyway." So yaaaaaaaaaay for tutoring!

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I had an interesting phone call on Friday. Well, several actually. The hospital's scheduling department called to schedule a kidney ultrasound. Say what? I just had one a few weeks ago. I scheduled it "just in case" (the scheduler's idea) and then immediately called my doctor's office.

I explained the situation to the chick that answered the phone. She went and got my chart and informed me that my doc's replacement had, in fact, written a script for a kidney ultrasound on the 29th. "They must not have been able to see something or something wasn't clear." Grrr. Fine.

I hung up with her and called The Hubby. His aunt is a nurse; he has been taught how to get things done, medically. The Hubby also found this strange and vowed to call the office and find out what was going on. After I called him, my mother called. We chatted a bit and I informed her of the situation. She agreed that it was weird.

Half an hour later, the phone rang again. It was the nurse from my doctor's office. Apparently, when I got the first ultrasound the hospital lost my script. So they needed a copy of the script. The nurse faxed them a copy of the script without writing "This is a copy" on it and they thought it was a new script. Grrrrrr... I told the nurse it wasn't her fault. Luckily, I don't need another ultrasound. She also said I should have the results of the ct scan early next week. Yay!

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Christmas shopping seems to be going well. We have no money, yet gifts seem to be working themselves out. Yay for that! Luckily, Christmas is low key around here. The family rule is once the cousins/neices and nephews turn 18, they no longer get presents from aunts, uncles, and cousins. It reduces a lot of stress, let me tell you.

Gifts to buy:
The Hubby
My mom
My dad - Mom has a family gift idea...it's good too
My brother
The Mother-in-law
The Father-in-law
Cards, if we decide to send them

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We got some lake effect snow last night. Not much, just 3-5 inches. I haven't been outside to see if its closer to three inches or to five inches. I figure The Hubby and I will figure it out as we're zipping down the driveway and trying not to get stuck.

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Also, the kitchen has been cleaned since Monday. Woohoo! The living room is semi-clean. I'm working on it. Yay me!


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