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December 18, 2005


I am the most pathetic person ever, but I just love my new chair. (Just think how obnoxious I will be on Wednesday when the rest of it gets here.)

I was sold on the chair when I sat in it. Add to it that it is blue and well, there was no saving me. Blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Why does it matter that my chair is blue. No one will see most of its wonderful blue-ness because I am desperate to keep the cat hair off of my chair (it's already making me crazy) and have covered it with flat sheets. I hope to make it to Big Lots sometime before Wednesday so that I can buy cheap flat sheets to cover all the new furniture (I estimate that I will need 12 - 4 per chair and 4 for the couch). The cat hair is making me neurotic. Okay, okay - more neurotic.

Would you like to see it? I know you would.
This is the "big" space to the left of the Christmas tree. The other side isn't as big (as my wonderful brother - the OCD king pointed out) , but I think we can squeeze the other one in at a small angle. No biggie.

I am one of the unknowing souls that used to laugh at senior citizens whose furniture is covered in plastic. HOWEVER, it would seriously solve all my problems. This was the scene approximately 10 minutes after the delivery men left (just enough time for me to cover the chair).

There's already an Ollie dent in my chair cushion!


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