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December 13, 2005

Open Letter

Dear Jackass Making a Scene at the Grocery Store,

I suppose you are correct that pedestrians have the right of way in a crosswalk. However, you, in your store furnished motorized cart, are not a pedestrian.

Bursting out into the crosswalk without looking and then screaming at a car that squeals to a stop to avoid hitting you is quite asinine. Shouting obsenities and gesturing at the car does nothing to endear you to the numerous shoppers witnessing your childish temper. Furthermore, as the responsible party for two teenage children, you should be leading by example. Let me assure you that acting like a jackass is not the example you should be setting.

Whether you have the right of way or not, if that car were unable to stop for whatever reason, you would be seriously injured if not killed. So I reccommend you ask yourself just how important it is that you be right.

I will not mention the fact that it clearly states not to remove the motorized carts from the store, as you are obviously too important to follow rules. Thank you for making a dedicated employee waste their time retrieving your cart from the side of the handicapped parking space where you had illegally parked your grungy car. I only wish that a polite officer of the law had issued you a hefty ticket, but alas, not all Christmas wishes can come true.

I will leave you with this, Jackass. Grow up and have a Merry effin' Christmas!



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