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December 24, 2005

Just got home from the emergency room. Long story short, Mom's blood sugar tanked again (49 this time), she fell out of bed, and we had to call the EMTs (yes, they remembered her from before). I rode with her in the ambulance. The EMT said they had had three calls on our road today. Three out of seven in fact. Don't know if they are counting Mom as one or two. :)

We got her blood sugar up and got her to eat some food. She will be eating every few hours today or her butt is going back to the hospital.

Didn't like the ER doctor. Snotty doc. Kiss my....um, anyway.

Dad now has the stomach flu so we're trying to watch him closely. Hopefully he won't get as bad.

I'm awake now so I think I will bake some more cookies and wrap some presents. Later we need to go back to the grocery store to get Mom some food. The doc said she could go off her diabetic diet. Yipee. Now only if she felt like eating.

My brother wasn't feeling well at the ER...but he feels better now. I am hoping that he isn't getting sick, because if he is - I am in big trouble. Keep your fingers crossed!


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