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December 28, 2005

The in-laws have arrived! Yippee! I love when they come. It means two things.

#1 - Presents!


After quickly tearing through our Christmas gifts (gift update to come) we headed out to the mall. After a quick visit to my favorite clothing store (its just about the only place I can find fat lady clothes that actually fit me and I don't like like I'm 90). Add to this that I fit relatively well into a size smaller shirt (hot damn!). The Mother-in-Law bought me a new outfit. It's a really cute skirt and "jacket" (on sale). Black with white "confetti" and a "shell" to go under it. My shell is MUCH better than the one shown under the jacket. It just makes the whole top look better. Swishy! Yay! I like it so I guess that's all that matters.

Then we went to Linens 'n Things where we bought (and by we, I mean she) bargain table cloths. Oh and a Soccer Santa sporting The Hubby's high school jersey number, how could we resist!?

After we finished shopping we dined at my favorite restuarant and headed for the movies where we saw Cheaper By the Dozen 2. It was very cute. Yay for In-Laws first visit day. I still want to see The Family Stone (Dermot Mulroney....drool) and Rumor Has It. Not to worry, our anniversary is in a few days. Mwahahahahaha.

Tomorrow we are going here. I think Father-In-Law will enjoy it. Plus, I think it's really neat and you can buy really nice knives (sharpened left handed, just for me). Yes, I like museums too.


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