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December 07, 2005

I feel like a poodle, which is good, because I look like a poodle. If I owned a digital camera I would post a picture of my huge hair. Completely confused?

Yesterday, I got a perm. I always HATE my hair the first day of a perm. It's. HUGE. Plus, my hair dresser, miracle worker that she is, blow dried my hair. Frizz city!

Last night, I pulled as much of my hair back into a pony tail so I could sleep (I felt like I was being strangled by a huge frizzy hairball before I pulled it back). Apparently, I am a restless sleeper because when I awoke this morning I looked a tad crazy. Hopefully, things will look better after I shower this afternoon. Sheesh.

While the snow belt continues to get pounded with snow (they were predicting 15 inches overnight), we've yet to get anything. Usually when the snow belt gets a bunch of snow, we at least get a little. However, this time. Nothing. Oh don't misunderstand, the snow we did have isn't melting as it is 13
° outside. I was just hoping for a snow day or two. Love those snow days!

The only thing on my agenda today to get done, besides after-school tutoring, is to pick up some cookies. Fourteen dozen cookies to be exact. This makes me reaaaaallllly want a cookie right now but I am resisting. But really...they wouldn't miss just one, teensy, tiny dozen cookies, right?

The cookies are for my mother. Every other year the 3rd and 4th graders are her school visit a local candy factory. They see how the candy is made, get samples, and all kinds of fun stuff. Then before their holiday music program the entire hall (3rd and 4th grades) have a candy factory. In each room, students make a different candy. They then sell these candies before the music program and before school, I believe. It makes a great economics lesson. This years candy's are chocolate covered pretzel rods with sprinkles, snowmen (no idea), ting-a-ling (???), chocolate suckers, mints, buckeyes (hello, we are in Ohio), and pizzas.

These are no ordinary pizzas though. They're cookie pizzas! Here is a picture of one that is somewhat like what they're making. The ones the students will make won't have nuts due to the fear of someone having a nut allergy. I'll try to get a picture of one tomorrow (this is one of those times I really wish I had a digital camera). They're really neat.

Just in case anyone wants to try them on their own. Here's a vague, non-specific recipe.

Cookie Pizzas
  • 1 large sugar cookie (approx. 2 in. diameter)
  • strawberry jelly/jam
  • fruit roll-ups cut into circles (we used a circular cookie cutter)
  • shredded coconut OR shaved white chocolate (I say coconut, Mom says chocolate)
  • green gum drops sliced
Do I really need to give instructions? You just make it look like a pizza. :)

For lunch, I think I may try sweet and sour meatballs. They sound good. They look good and hey, I have premade meatballs in the fridge. I know, I know, premade food isn't good for you. I'm working on it.

Sorry, the pizza cookies got me started on a food tangent. I'm also thinking about searching for a sour cream sugar cookie recipe. In my defense, I have some sour cream that I need to use up.


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