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December 11, 2005

Dare to Dream

Where are the female role models for children in sports? For most kids, they're hard to find.

Tonight, I watched Dare to Dream with the hubby. Dare to Dream is the story of the U.S. Women's Soccer Team.

Honestly, its a documentary. It talks about the 17 years these women played together before they got any kind of recognition. 17 years. That is dedication. That is perserverance. It was funny to see Mia Hamm at 15.

We taped it, so The Hubby could take it to work and let Head Coach see it. I can only hope they decide to show it to the girls next year. I have not one agile bone in my body and I was inspired.

I want these girls to succeed so badly. I want The Hubby and Head Coach to succeed so badly. I just want them to get it together.

I know soccer will never be huge in the United States, but these women deserve recognition. It was really neat to see these women encourage young girls. Telling them they can do whatever they can set their mind to doing. There aren't enough people telling young girls that these days.

Sheesh...I'm getting misty. I must be hormonal. :)


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