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December 15, 2005

Another First

Somedays, you just have to wonder.

Last night, I had another "first" occur. My first phone call from a parent!

I was shocked seeing as I don't have my own classroom so I technically don't have any parents. Plus, my phone number, while listed in the phone book, is listed under my husband's name. You have a 25% chance of picking out number...nevermind that ours is first.

Anyway, I have never had this experience, and I do believe it is new for my mom too.

First, some background. The parents that called me is the mom that told me (when I subbed for her daughter's reading teacher in 1st grade) that her daughter liked me better than her real teacher - in front of another gossipy 1st grade teacher. Nice. She's also the parent that ratted out other kids on the field trip when we saw her at the craft show. She didn't even go! Finally, she is the parent that called to chew my mother out because someone stole her daughter's lunch out of her locker. The daughter never told anyone this happened - how can she deal with it if she doesn't know!?

Now that the scene is set...

Last night I am making some sour cream sugar cookie dough (I am so challenged baking wise) and the phone rings. I recognized the last name on the caller ID (God bless caller ID) but wasn't sure, so I made the hubby answer. Yup. It was for Mrs. Damn.

Apparently, this is my mother's head room mother (oy). After hearing all about the party and why she won't bring pizza and blah blah blah blah blah she tells me that she had asked my mother to ask each kid to bring in a dollar for the party. My mother being the sweetie she is, refuses to ask parents for money this time of year, even a dollar. So she send a $20 bill home with the student (she has 17 kids).

She sent it waaaaaaaaaaay to soon. The room mom is on to her little scheme. Here's the problem, the money is not for the party - the money is for a flower arrangement for my mother. The room mom refuses to use my mother's money to buy her own Christmas gift. The mom wanted me to confirm that this money was, indeed, from my mother.

Uhmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. *awkward*

Now, the room mom wants me to write up a little note and send it home with the kids, "secretly".

Wait...wait...wait. How did I get in the middle of this!?

Someone should inform this room mom that I don't keep things from my mother (and she hates surprises). When my mom got home I called her and informed her of my little discussion. I didn't tell her what the surprise gift was, but she knows something is going on. She's going to "think" on it. Ohhhhhhhh goody.

Oh, how did that parent get my number? My father gave it to her! I informed my mother that he must be trained better. If a parent called HER and asks for ME he doesn't know me. Duh.


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