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November 25, 2005

A shopping we will go!

Thanksgiving is over and with minimal leftovers. Woohoo! That chocolate cherry cake thingamabob is still in the fridge though. Yum!

While we didn't get the snow they forcasted, around 4 (just as we were finishing eating) the snow/sleet started. The roads were starting to get slippery and I just wanted to get home. So The Hubby, being the nice guy he is, took me home. We went slow and made it to the hill before you turn onto his parent's road when we had to stop. Bad idea. We slid. So we backed up. And slid again. Around the time we were sitting sideways in the middle of the road, sliding backwards toward the edge of the road with the drop off, I lost it. I'm so ashamed. I'm an Ohioan for crying out loud! My only defense is I deal with snow, not ice and NOT going backwards over an embankment.

Anyway, we're fine.

Today I went shopping with the mother-in-law. We didn't get up super early, we left around 10:30. We had a wonderful day (and I have the shopping bags to prove it)! More when I get home.

Stay safe people!


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