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November 21, 2005


Yes, I know I spelled it wrong. I started saying it after I saw The Sweetest Thing. I think it's humorous.


This afternoon The Hubby and I had our "interview"/meeting to see about obtaining Medicaid. Our quest for Medicaid was started by my family doctor's replacement recommending we get Medicaid. Well! What a HUGE waste of time for everyone involved.

Basically, unless one of us is disabled (we're not) or we have a minor child in the home (we don't), there is no way we qualify for ANY services. According to the woman today, there is basically "no help for people ages 21 to 50...well, no older than that".

First, I am peeved that the intake woman didn't tell us this. Uh...HELLO! I wouldn't have wasted my time or the woman's today. I am not angry with the woman I met with today. Quite frankly, she saved us a HUGE amount of time by not having me fill out the necessary paperwork. I appreciate the effort to save my time.

I am however, LIVID at the government. State or federal. I really don't care. State, I think, is at who my anger should be directed.

The Hubby and I are responsible citizens who both work. The problem is, neither of our jobs have health insurance, nor do they pay well. We're hoping this changes in the future. However, for right now, we're struggling. Anything to help us with expenses is a God-send.

My biological clock is soooooo ticking. I want a baby. The Hubby wants a baby.

{Begin Rant}

HOWEVER, I don't think it is responsible to have a baby I cannot afford. Our current agreement is we will talk baby when at least one of us (preferably both of us) have permanent work AND health insurance. We both feel this is the responsible thing to do.

The government though is all but encouraging us to have a baby. If I were pregnant or we had a baby, we would have walked out of that office today not only with a temporary Medicaid card but food stamps...er a Direction Card to boot. WTF!? Healthy families, my ass.

How is this "program" not encouraging people to have babies they can't support!? If anything, it says to me, "Go ahead, have a baby, the state will help support you then!"

Wouldn't it make more sense to allow people like myself to be on Medicaid, thus preventing even more "welfare babies/mothers"?

Ohhhhhh, health care in this country is so seriously screwed up!

{End Rant}

That is all for now. The Hubby and I are off to begin a new quest to qualify for Medicaid, if you get my drift.


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