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November 29, 2005


The CT scan is over. Woohoo! Even better, I made it though the whole test WITHOUT being injected with kidney dye. In fact, the worst part of the whole thing was the "berry flavored" barium I had to drink before the test. Ewwwwww. Did I mention I don't particularly care for berry flavoring? It made the stuff smell very berry, but it didn't really taste like berry. However, it did have a berry aftertaste. Gag.

The woman before me got apple flavored barium. Now that sounds better! I love apple. Berry favoring ranks one step above banana (which the woman after me got, I think). Had the chickie handed me banana we would have had issues.

At least it was cold. Lukewarm barium might have pushed me over the edge.

I am a believer in signs, and after two things happened I wasn't worried about this test. First, as I arrived at the hospital I realized the radio was playing the song The Hubby and I danced our first dance (Tim McGraw's My Best Friend , in case anyone was wondering). Then the orderly/tech that brought me back to the scan has the same name as The Hubby. When I put these two things together, I decided that things were going to be ok, however they come out. (Much like when two of the presurgical nurses shared the same name as my mom)

Luckily, I have a great friend who came and sat with me in the waiting room for my test. The Hubby had work things he couldn't miss (couldn't meaning I told him he was going). Having someone wait with me relaxes me and gives me someone I can chat with.

Now, I am off to continue my decluttering siege. The kitchen/dining room is pretty much decluttered. Now, it's time to declutter the living room. Hokie, Socks, and Ollie are not amused as I have told them the shoe boxes they are currently stretching out of shape are going when this room is done. Those three LOVE shoe boxes.

P.S. Have any bloggers noticed that you can't change post dates/times anymore? Is it just me (and Firefox) or is this a new "improvement"?


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