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November 08, 2005

Lazy Dayz

First, I hate the "cute" spellings (like the one in my title). No wonder kids can't spell! With all the drive thru's, Krispy Kremes, etc. Oh well... :)

Unevenful day. The hubby and I got up mid-morning and went to vote. We used Ohio's NEW electronic voting booths and oooo was it exciting. For a moment, I thought the lady was handing me a credit card. Luckily, I restrained myself from sprinting out the door to go shopping long enough to realize it was part of the voting process. Drat. I stuck my little card in the machine and commenced voting on issues I was totally confused about and people I don't have a clue about. Except the school levy.

The school levy makes me angry. Incredibly angry. Yes, I'm ticked that they built 2 new elementary schools when the high school hallways were treacherous when I went there seven years ago. And let me tell you, its only gotten worse. I'm peeved that they are threatening to "reduce or eliminate" hot lunches at the schools. Ohhhhhhh, I'd love to see them try.

Anyway, the real reason I am peeved at my alma mater? They treat people pretty darn crappy. The former superintendent was my middle school principal and his wife works with my mother and I. When I walked into the BOE when he was superintendent, I was greeted immediately and warmly. I was asked what I needed and how they could help me. They were friendly and professional.

Now? I called to attempt to get on the sub list. "Oh yes, we're still hiring subs." So I hauled my cookies to the BOE. When I got there, I stood in the foyer waiting for someone to notice me. Finally, when they got the impression I wasn't leaving someone huffed themselves out of their office and demanded to know what I needed. When I told her I was there to get on the sub list, she gave me a snooty smile, and said, "We're no longer hiring subs." I told her I had called and been told that they were. She told me the person was mistaken and left me standing there.

So...forgive me if I don't rush right out to vote yes for your levy.

Finally, I decided to get brave in the kitchen. (Hmm...kinky...lol) Anyway, it worked out that I had everything I needed to make the Spanish Chicken Linguine (except linguine of course, so we used angel hair pasta...same diff) that Carrie has on her recipe blog.

Random household verdict: Two thumbs up!

Can't wait to try something new again. Thanks Carrie!

P.S. Happy Birthday Mom! She finally got her bracelet.


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