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November 07, 2005

Artsy...Far---uh, nevermind

Soooo...no more sad stuff. Commencing the cowgirl-ing up. :) Getting back to what this blog was SUPPOSED to be about. Teaching.

Hmmm.... teaching.

I seem to remember something about that. Was it my job? Must check that out.

Today, I worked a half day for the art teacher at my favorite school. I had three classes, all third graders, all the kids from my mom's "team". I don't know them as well as I did last years kids, but I'm slowly getting to know them. I figure, by the time I finish my 2 week assignment for the math teacher on that team in January, I should be a firm fixture, once again at that school.

The third graders are working on self-portraits. I only saw one kid start over from scratch and not even get out a mirror. Nice. Some of the kids, are pretty good drawers. A few of the portraits actually resemble the artist. Oh, don't get me wrong, most don't, but a few...

To cap off the day nicely, I had lunch duty. Yuck! At least it was for the older kids. So I didn't spend the whole half hour opening milks and bags of chips.

Note regarding popcorn chicken: There was a new entree today, Popcorn Chicken. Popcorn chicken as a lunch - Gooooood. Except it requires LOTS of extra ketchup and does tend to lend itself to being a good projectile. Whoops!

Finally...had a "situation" (if you will) with Obnoxious Music Teacher today. She is constantly running early. Live and die by the clock that woman. As I was getting the 4th grades lines up to go, they were talking. Ok...that's fine, you guys explain to your teachers why you are having silent lunch for the rest of the week. When in stomps OMT. She has one of those voices that grates err...carries. She hollers at the kids and eventually they quiet down.

Later she apologizes, "Sorry, but I couldn't let them walk all over you like that."

Que? Say what? Thank you, but I had them well in hand. Maybe it was because she was defending the Whiny First Grade Teachers. Oh well.


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