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November 18, 2005

Another step closer?

So, in the quickest turn around I have ever experienced from a hospital or doctor's office, I now have the results of my kidney ultrasound.

I possibly have a kidney stone in my left kidney.

Woohoo.... I think. I'm just so excited that it isn't some form of kidney disease or cancer! Two out of my three cousins have had kidney stones, so apparently it's genetic.

Now, I am waiting for the hospital to call and schedule my abdomen scan. Is it a CAT scan? MRI? I don't know, all the nurse said was abdominal scan. My biggest worry now (besides the money) is that they will have to inject me with some form of kidney dye. My mom is allergic to it; I sure hope I'm not!

Then I have to go see a urologist. And we'll take it from there. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay for me.


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