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October 11, 2005


Cyli tagged me. Woohoo! I mean, darn her. (I've don't think I've ever been tagged, to my knowledge....you love me, you REALLY love me) How pathetic am I? Anywho...

The Curse of 7

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
* Have children
* Teach full time in a permanent position
* Travel - I have a list of places
* Go on a Disney Cruise
* Do something nice for my parents...they've done so much for me
* Be a grandmother
* Live happily ever after

7 Things I Can Do
* I can sing.
* I can teach.
* I can read an entire book in one sitting.
* I can name just about every Disney movie ever made.
* I can sing just about every song from every Disney movie ever made.
* I can design a webpage that looks fairly professional.
* I can step out of the spotlight and let my work go unpraised.

7 Things I Can Not Do
* I cannot enjoy singing in front of people.
* I cannot be dishonest.
* I cannot keep most secrets (big ones I can do).
* I cannot be intentionally mean to anyone.
* I cannot forgive people who mistreat children or animals.
* I cannot play Twister to save my life.
* I cannot be an analytical thinker.

~7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex
* Sense of humor
* Honesty
* Loyalty
* Charm
* Smile
* Eyes
* Sincerity

~ 7 Things I Say Most Often
* "Not so much"
* "Drat"
* "Kitty, kitty, kitty"
* "Hokie/Ollie/Socks/Lucy, NO!"
* "Walking feet, please."
* "Inside voices, please."
* "(hubby), have you fed the boys? Ollie's licking plastic bags, again!"

~7 People I Want to Do This
David (hehehe)
Anyone else reading this that hasn't already done it consider yourself tagged.


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