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October 25, 2005


Where do people get off pushing and forcing their beliefs onto others?

I'm not talking about a debate. I'm talking about conversations where one's character and morals are called into question because of the choices made in their life.

Where do people get the unmittigated gall?

How DARE you push your beliefs onto me?

I am a true believer in live and let live. I don't have to lead your life and you don't have to live mine. Therefore, don't berate me for my decisions/beliefs. They are MINE. The wonderful thing about living in a free country is I can believe anything I want. I can support whatever I want. So please don't waste your time telling me that I am a bad person because I don't share your beliefs. I will gladly listen to your point of view, however, when you start the name calling and button pushing, I am done. You and your (in my opinion) extreme beliefs can go elsewhere.

Call me a cynic, but I do not believe that berating every person I meet who does not share my views will help solve the problems of the world. What will solve the problems of the world? Hell if I know. However, the anger and hostility some people exude does nothing but hurt their cause.

Now? I am off to make my bed. I'm sure someone will happily/angerily inform me that I'm doing it wrong and therefore am a bad person, but hey, I made my bed and I will lie in it.

Haha, I made a funny.


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